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"Scrubbed White"


Native American Artist Frank Mitchell and Anne Geyer

   Frank Mitchell

An Autobiographical tale, in keeping with oral tradition,
Western Civilization and acculturation.

Who and What is
Scrubbed White?

This short experimental film joins together the Native American Indian
history or oral traditional story telling with contemporary images, both abstract
and representational, evoking and representing memory and thought.

It poignantly addresses while questioning issues of sociopolitical values and
ethics with underlying post modern and politically correct notions of western
thought, the PC era.

Living in two worlds, Scrubbed White's character faces the challenges and
barriers of preconceived, antiquated, and stereotypical views of Native Americans
in contemporary Western Society, while struggling for his place, being an
educated man of color in the United States.

Striving to keep his Native American Culture, Spirituality and beliefs alive
within himself, he finds that he must keep that part of himself secretly
hidden, to survive, and in order to participate and become accepted in a Western
homogenized Scrubbed White world.

The Character is torn, confused dismayed and indeed questions his place and
existence within the larger scheme of reality.

Both provoking and enlightening, this film enrages its audience with an
educated approach, asking while not preaching to its audience to question, evaluate
and examine for themselves, WHO and What is Scrubbed White?

It is the artist's wish that the images and spirit of the film will touch the
viewer's very soul and social consciousness.


Email the artist to receive a special offer to tribal members and those who support Native
Americans and have a sincere interest in our culture, past and present. To
order contact Frank Mitchell at:

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