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Thursday, 08/18/2016, on American Indian Airwaves, 7pm to 8pm

“A Call to Action: Resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline, Mni Wiconi (Water is Life), and Mexico’s State-Sponsored Terrorism in Educational Reform and Chiapas

Part 1:_______________
LaDonna Tamakawastewin (Bravebull) Allard, (Standing Rock Dakota/Lakota Nations), joins us for part of a continuous series on the 100s+ people Iŋyaŋ Wakȟáŋaǧapi Othí (“Sacred Rock”), Camp of the Sacred Stones, resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), her reaction to and the Oceti Sakowin’s planned response to the United States Army Corp of Engineering issuing permits to Energy Transfer Partners (ETPs) for the construction of the $3.78 billion DAPL, a 1,172-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline that will transport up to 570,000 barrels of oil; rapidly expanding the Bakken and Three Forks oil production regions in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois and crossing the Missouri River (over 209 rivers, creeks and tributary systems), disturb burial grounds and sacred sites on the tribe’s ancestral Treaty lands, plus more.
The interview occurred before the spate of arrest took place near the Dakota Access Pipeline construction site over the week. It is possible that the North Dakota’s Governor, Jack Dalrymple, may call in the National Guard as a means to militarize the area; thus increasing tensions.

Calls to Action:
• Call North Dakota’s Governor, Jack Dalrymple, and demand that he NOT send in the National Guard. The governor’s phone number is: 701-328-2200

• Aid the Iŋyaŋ Wakȟáŋaǧapi Othí (“Sacred Rock”), Camp of Sacred Stones, at:

• Contact: Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Government:; Steve Sitting Bear, SRST External Relations, at or 701-854-8500; Ladonna Bravebull Allard, Camp of the Sacred Stones,, (701) 426-2064

• Email proclamations, resolutions, and/or letters of support to which may be e-mailed to Steve Sitting Bear, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe External Relations at

Part 2:_______________
Faviana Hirsch, joins us for the second half of tonight’s show to discuss Mexico’s state-sponsored terrorism under the guise of “educational reform”, Mexico’s military operations and agent provocateurs, privatizing Mexico’s educational system, educational erasure of Indigenous peoples, and the Mayan peoples from Chiapas resistance to the educational reforms.

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